Tactics 1: Opportunistic Timing | 李国庆 & 俞渝 第一招

Li Guoqing & Peggy Yu initiated privatization when Dangdang stock crashed 40% in 20 days without any company news.
李国庆 & 俞渝 趁着中概股在2015年6,7月大幅杀跌,当当的股票在没有任何消息下20天下跌40%, 发起私有化。


Ironically, over the 9 months period prior privatization process, the management has repeated stated that Dangdang share was MASSIVELY UNDERVALUED when the shares were traded between $12 - $15. 

$13: massively undervalued 严重低估

$15: massively undervalued 严重低估


5 months later, Li Guoqing's statement in SEC filings - 6. We believe that the Acquisition will provide superior value to the Company shareholders"